Corporate Social Responsibility

We at DIC India are aware of our responsibility to our stakeholders and the importance of maintaining harmony with the global environment, DIC's employees are committed to contribute to the realization of sustainable development through their everyday activities.

As a part of initiative to help society and DIC India’s commitment to better world for tomorrow we do our bit, some of the activities are as below: -

DIC conducts seminars and promotes the exchange of information to encourage greater awareness of CSR among its employees, as well as voluntary participation in related initiatives. We are determined to prevent disasters at manufacturing facilities, DIC conducts a variety of accident and safety drills and has taken the necessary steps to ensure full preparation against unforeseeable crises. We are guided by the principle of sustainable development, the DIC India implements a variety of measures aimed at reducing the environmental footprint, including purifying wastewater and taking steps to lower C02 emissions. DIC strives to reduce the consumption of resources and energy to facilitate the efficient use of finite natural resources.

DIC engages in a wide range of activities designed to promote exchange with local communities, thereby enabling it to contribute to and coexist harmoniously with society. DIC participates actively in efforts to beautify areas in the vicinity of its plants.

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