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Lamination Adhesive

Choose DIC India for Best-in-class Lamination Adhesives

DIC India is the market leader in manufacturing quality laminating adhesives, trusted by industry experts for years. We manufacture laminate adhesive products for surface-printed and reverse-printed flexible packaging films. Check our laminating adhesive solutions range below.

Solvent Based Adhesive

Solvent-based adhesives

These solvent-based adhesives are used for various high-speed metalized and polyethylene film applications. They are available in three variants.

  • General-purpose adhesives:These laminating adhesives are suitable for 75-80 µ PE films, and ideal for industries like snack food and noodles. DIC India offers variants LX 811, LX 800, LX830, and LX75H.
  • Medium-performance adhesives:These adhesives are used for films up to 140 µ. These are ideal for snack food, milk powder, wheat flour, noodles, detergent, spices, oil, soap wrappers, stand-up pouches, frozen foods, and thermoformed chocolates. DIC India offers variants LX 811, LX 800, LX830, and LX75H.
  • High-performance adhesives:These laminate adhesives feature excellent chemical and heat resistance properties and can be customized per the end-use application. They are suitable for films up to 150 µ. They are used in foil structures for the retort and hot-fill, aggressive fillings such as perfumed oils and hair dyes. DIC India offers variants LX 8321 and LX 75H.

Solvent Free Adhesive

Solvent Free Adhesive Product Range

DIC India also offers unique solvent-free polyester/PU-based laminate adhesives for high-grade poly films and high-speed printing and laminating machines. Less environmentally harmful, these do not permeate food products through packaging films. We offer them in two variants.

  • General Performance:These are suitable for applications with films up to 75-80 µ with ideal machine speed up to 180 mpm with metalized structures and 350 mpm in PE structures. With 24-36 hours of curing time, these are widely used in snack food, salt, and flour packaging. DIC India offers variants NS 5210A and HA 520B.
  • Medium Performance:These adhesives are for ideal machine speed up to 180 mpm with metalized structures and 375 mpm in PE structures. The curing time is 14 hours. DIC India offers variants NS 4500A, HA 460B, NS 2100A, and HA 500B.

Speciality Adhesive Product Range

DIC India, a leading lamination adhesive manufacturer in India, offers special-purpose PVBS adhesives used in photovoltaic back sheets for lamination to EVA (electrode layer). These enhance the durability of electrodes by 10-40 years, enabling electrical insulation while maintaining power generation efficiency.

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