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Research and Development

Research and Development


Research and Development

Research. Innovate. Improve. Invest the profit. Repeat.

DIC India has aspired to create product that could enhance the users' bottom line and offer them true 'value-for-money'. DIC India's R & D Centres are member of DIC Corporation's International R & D network. DIC India Ltd.’s Research and Development centers at Kolkata and Noida which are part of DIC Inc's regional technical center have been instrumental in developing new products, processes and application whilst improving the existing technology to serve the its clients with the best.

As part of DIC Corporation and Sun Chemical , DIC India's R & D Centres have full access to, and participate in, the technology development of the world's leading ink producers.

State-of-the-art facilities, top-of-the-line equipment and lab instrument and a highly qualified, trained and experienced team of scientists and technicians with skills enhance the resource strength.

DIC India is committed to design inks that run cleaner on press with reduced waste, increased productivity, greater press uptime and ultimately higher profitability, keeping a watchful eye on safeguarding the environment.

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