Gravure Inks


Gravure Printing Inks

Inscribe brilliance in every detail with DIC India’s gravure inks.

Consistent ink coverage, vibrant colours, and excellent adhesion - this is what makes our gravure inks truly the best medium for printing on any surface you need. Here’s a quick look at our exhaustive range of gravure inks.

Lamination Ink

Lamination Inks

With high chemical and heat resistance, laminates printed with DIC’s lamination inks are the best fit for food packaging material - from snack packets and oil pouches to frozen meat packaging.


  • Smart Ink: Low-odour polyurethane-based lamination ink with toluene and MEK base. This gravure printing ink’s formulation is suitable for reverse printing on treated BOPP, treated & plain polyester film, nylon, cellophane, and polyvinyl acetate film.
  • Smart TF: Toluene-free with MEK base. Ideal for packaging liquid soap refills, ready-to-eat packs and detergent packs.
  • Smart KF: Toluene and ketonic solvent-free. Ideal for packaging containing snack food, frozen food, boil, and retort pouches.
  • AquaSmart: Water-based gravure printing inks intended for printing on treated films for subsequent lamination. High pigmentation, fine gravure printability, excellent ink transfer onto the substrate, and strong adhesion to CC PET & BOPP.
  • Ultralam NT: This gravure printing ink’s formulation is vinyl-based and toluene-free, designed for printing on polyester film. Recommended for food packaging, soap, detergent and shampoo packaging.
  • Unilam: Vinyl-based ink designed for reverse printing on BOPP and polyester film.
  • Ultralam™: Premium quality liquid ink. Ideal for snack food, frozen food and oil pouches.
  • Hikari HSTF: The next generation inks for safer food packaging. Suitable for all types of laminations, has high strength in color, cost-effective, and has no smell.
  • Artlam TF: Toluene-free. Ideal for high bond strength, compliance with BIS and FSSAI and has excellent printability

Surface Printing Ink

Surface Printing Ink

This category of gravure printing inks is designed to yield clear and bright print on paper bags, tea bags, foils, pharma boxes, detergent and milk packs, and much more.


  • Modflex TM:Oil resistant, works best on polyethylene & polypropylene film. Especially suited for deep freeze application, oil and milk packaging.
  • Vulcan:Heat-resistant gravure printing ink. Works best on heat-sealable treated BOPP and treated polyethylene film.
  • ShrinkTM:Ideal for printing on PVC films used for shrink sleeve application.
  • Cellacoat:Nitrocellulose-based gravure ink, suitable for printing on paper.
  • TPMG:An excellent quality non-lamination ink, best for detergent packs and oil pouches.
  • Briteflex:A high-quality non-lamination ink ideal for twist wrap packaging and general applications.

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