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Gravure Inks

Gravure Inks

Gravure Ink

DIC India, being one of the biggest and oldest manufacturers of printing inks and allied material, provides excellent quality liquid inks that have been formulated to meet the diverse needs of reverse printing on treated BOPP, treated and plain polyester film, nylon and cellophane. Our liquid inks are known for the richness of printing on food, beverage and oil packets. The exhaustive product range of our liquid inks is mentioned below:

Lamination Ink

This premium product range at DIC includes sub-brands like Smart™, Smart TF, Smart KF™, Ultralam NT™, Unilam™, Ultralam™.

Smart Ink

Low odour Polyurethane based lamination ink specially formulated for reverse printing on treated BOPP, treated & plain Polyester film, nylon, cellophane and Polyvinyl acetate film. Laminates printed with Smart are most suitable for packaging of food products like snack food, dry mix, oil pouches, coffee, cheese, fish, processed meat as well as detergents and personal hygiene products.

Smart KF

It is both Toluene and ketonic solvent-free. This makes the ink a sure choice for packaging of various kinds of snack food, frozen food, boil and retort pouches.

Smart TF

The premium ink is the ideal choice for packaging liquid soap refill, ready to eat packs and detergent packs.

GLW 1006

It is a range of water-based gravure printing inks intended for printing on treated films for subsequent lamination for snack bags. It has high pigmentation, good gravure printability, good ink transfer onto substrate, good adhesion property on CC PET & BOPP. It also has low odor.

Ultralam NT

A vinyl based toluene free reverse printing ink specifically formulated for printing on Polyester film. It is recommended for food packaging, soap, detergent and shampoo packaging.


A vinyl based ink designed for reverse printing on BOPP and Polyester film.


The premium quality liquid ink is ideal for snack food, frozen food and oil pouches.


TAFF is a range of low odour inks having high bond strength, excellent printability and specifically formulated for reverse printing on treated BOPP for direct PP extrusion lamination without AC agent. It is also suitable for PE extrusion lamination with AC agent & dry lamination.

Surface Printing Ink

This category includes Paper Ink, Foil Ink, Briteflex, TPMG, Modflex and Vulcan. You can use non-lamination inks to print on paper packs, tea bags, foils, pharma boxes, detergent and milk packs, and much more.


A surface printing ink with oil resistant properties and is formulated for gravure printing. The ink is especially suited for deep freeze application, oil and milk packaging and can be printed on Polyethylene and Polypropylene film.


A surface printing heat resistant ink suitable for printing on heat sealable treated BOPP and treated Polyethylene film. The ink can be used for packaging crisp snack foods. Its heat resistance property makes it suitable for Ink – in-seal applications.


A gravure ink suitably formulated for printing PVC film that is used for Shrink sleeve application.


A nitrocellulose based gravure ink suitable for printing on paper.


An excellent quality non-lamination ink, TPMG is best suited for detergent packs and oil pouches.


A high quality non-lamination ink, Briteflex is ideal for twist wrap packaging and general applications.


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