Gravure Inks


Gravure Printing Inks

Inscribe brilliance in every detail with DIC India’s gravure inks.

Consistent ink coverage, vibrant colours, and excellent adhesion - this is what makes our gravure inks truly the best medium for printing on any surface you need. Here’s a quick look at our exhaustive range of gravure inks.

Lamination Ink

Lamination Inks

With high chemical and heat resistance, laminates printed with DIC’s lamination inks are the best fit for food packaging material - from snack packets and oil pouches to frozen meat packaging.


  • Smart Ink: Low-odour polyurethane-based lamination ink with toluene and MEK base. This gravure printing ink’s formulation is suitable for reverse printing on treated BOPP, treated & plain polyester film, nylon, cellophane, and polyvinyl acetate film.
  • Smart TF: Toluene-free with MEK base. Ideal for packaging liquid soap refills, ready-to-eat packs and detergent packs.
  • Smart KF: Toluene and ketonic solvent-free. Ideal for packaging containing snack food, frozen food, boil, and retort pouches.
  • AquaSmart: Water-based gravure printing inks intended for printing on treated films for subsequent lamination. High pigmentation, fine gravure printability, excellent ink transfer onto the substrate, and strong adhesion to CC PET & BOPP.
  • Ultralam NT: This gravure printing ink’s formulation is vinyl-based and toluene-free, designed for printing on polyester film. Recommended for food packaging, soap, detergent and shampoo packaging.
  • Unilam: Vinyl-based ink designed for reverse printing on BOPP and polyester film.
  • Ultralam™: Premium quality liquid ink. Ideal for snack food, frozen food and oil pouches.
  • Hikari HSTF: The next generation inks for safer food packaging. Suitable for all types of laminations, has high strength in color, cost-effective, and has no smell.
  • Artlam TF: Toluene-free. Ideal for high bond strength, compliance with BIS and FSSAI and has excellent printability

Surface Printing Ink

Surface Printing Ink

This category of gravure printing inks is designed to yield clear and bright print on paper bags, tea bags, foils, pharma boxes, detergent and milk packs, and much more.


  • Modflex TM:Oil resistant, works best on polyethylene & polypropylene film. Especially suited for deep freeze application, oil and milk packaging.
  • Vulcan:Heat-resistant gravure printing ink. Works best on heat-sealable treated BOPP and treated polyethylene film.
  • ShrinkTM:Ideal for printing on PVC films used for shrink sleeve application.
  • Cellacoat:Nitrocellulose-based gravure ink, suitable for printing on paper.
  • TPMG:An excellent quality non-lamination ink, best for detergent packs and oil pouches.
  • Briteflex:A high-quality non-lamination ink ideal for twist wrap packaging and general applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Gravure Printing the Gold Standard for High-Volume Publications?

Gravure printing is considered the gold standard for high-volume publications due to its unparalleled speed and quality consistency. The process allows for long runs without the need for plate changes, making it ideal for large quantities. DIC India's gravure printing capabilities ensure crisp, vibrant images and texts, catering to high-demand publishing needs.

How Does Gravure Printing Achieve Its Superior Image Quality?

Gravure printing achieves superior image quality through its unique etching process, where images are engraved onto a cylinder, allowing for precise ink transfer. This results in high-resolution outputs with fine details and excellent color fidelity. DIC India utilizes advanced engraving techniques to optimize the image quality on a variety of substrates.

Can Gravure Printing be Cost-Effective for My Business Needs?

While gravure printing involves higher initial setup costs, it becomes cost-effective for large volume runs due to its fast printing speeds and lower per-unit cost. DIC India offers customized gravure printing solutions that can be optimized for cost-effectiveness, depending on the scale and specifics of your project.

What Are the Unique Benefits of Gravure Printing for Packaging?

Gravure printing offers unique benefits for packaging, including superior print quality, consistency across large volumes, and the ability to print on a wide range of materials. Its durability and resistance to wear make it ideal for packaging that requires high-quality graphics. DIC India offers these unique benefits to produce packaging that stands out on shelves.

How Does Gravure Printing Compare to Digital Printing in Sustainability Practices?

Gravure printing, with its ability to use solvent-based, water-based, and UV inks, offers flexibility in adopting more sustainable practices. Compared to digital printing, it can be more efficient for large volumes, reducing waste and energy consumption per unit. DIC India is committed to sustainability and continuously works to improve the environmental footprint of its gravure printing processes.

What Kind of Customization Is Possible with Gravure Printing Techniques?

Gravure printing allows for a high degree of customization in terms of inks, substrates, and finishes. From metallic and fluorescent inks to various varnishes and laminations, DIC India can tailor the gravure printing process to meet specific design and functionality requirements.

How Can Gravure Printing Enhance the Shelf Appeal of Products?

Gravure printing's exceptional quality and versatility enhance products' shelf appeal by producing vibrant colors, sharp images, and engaging textures. DIC India focuses on leveraging gravure printing to create packaging that captures consumer attention and communicates brand values effectively.

What Innovations in Gravure Printing Can We Expect in the Coming Years?

Future innovations in gravure printing are likely to focus on increasing efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and expanding the capabilities of digital engraving technologies. DIC India is at the forefront of adopting such innovations, aiming to provide clients with cutting-edge printing solutions.

How Does the Gravure Printing Process Work for Different Materials?

Gravure printing is versatile and capable of printing on a variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic, and foil. The process adjusts for each material's characteristics, ensuring optimal ink adhesion and image quality. DIC India has expertise in selecting the right inks and process parameters for each substrate.

What Are the Limitations and Capabilities of Gravure Printing for Large Scale Production?

The main limitation of gravure printing is its initial cost and time for cylinder preparation, making it less suitable for short runs. However, its capabilities for large-scale production include high-speed printing, exceptional quality consistency, and cost-effectiveness for high-volume orders. DIC India leverages these capabilities to meet the demands of large-scale production efficiently.

How to Choose Between Gravure and Offset Printing for Your Project?

The choice between gravure and offset printing depends on the project's volume, quality requirements, and substrate. Gravure is preferred for high-volume, high-quality prints on a wide range of materials, while offset might be more suitable for lower volumes and specific paper-based applications. DIC India can advise on the best approach based on your project's specifics.

What Design Considerations Should I Keep in Mind for Gravure Printing?

For gravure printing, consider the detail and color richness of your designs, as the process excels in reproducing intricate details and vibrant colors. Also, account for the substrate and finish, as these can affect the final appearance. DIC India offers design guidance to optimize outcomes in gravure printing projects.

Why is Gravure Printing Preferred for Certain Types of Artwork and Photography?

Gravure printing is preferred for artwork and photography that demand high fidelity reproduction, detail, and contrast. Its ability to capture subtle gradations and deep blacks makes it ideal for high-quality visual representations. DIC India's gravure printing services cater to artists and photographers seeking exceptional print quality.

How Can Gravure Printing Contribute to a Brand's Image and Marketing Goals?

Gravure printing contributes to a brand's image and marketing goals by producing visually stunning and tactilely engaging materials that resonate with consumers. The high-quality prints enhance brand perception and aid in creating memorable marketing collateral. DIC India focuses on utilizing gravure printing to meet strategic brand objectives effectively.

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