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Gravure printing inks
Gravure Inks

Discover unparalleled color brilliance with DIC India's Gravure Inks. A perfect blend of tradition and innovation, our precision-crafted inks can elevate your prints to new heights. Backed by a legacy of reliability and excellence, DIC India is a brand whose inks transform printing into art, ensuring every creation makes a lasting impact. Precision, passion, perfection - experience it all in a stroke with DIC India Gravure Inks.

News ink
News Inks

Our News Inks provide dependable solutions for superior print quality and quick drying, meeting the rigorous demands of the news industry. DIC Ink India offers cost-effective, high-mileage inks customized for news printers, enhancing efficiency and reducing waste. Our UV news printing inks cater to the economical printing requirements of Standard and Glazed newsprint, available in slow-speed, high-speed, and high-speed UV options.

Offset Inks
Offset Inks

DIC India excels in providing premium Offset Inks tailored for diverse needs. Ideal for packaging, books, magazines, marketing materials, calendars, posters, and playing cards, DIC Inks ensure vibrant, reliable prints. Trust DIC India's expertise for exceptional printing solutions that elevate the visual impact of your projects across various applications.

Flexographic Inks
Flexographic Inks

DIC Ink Company offers a wide range of printing inks including flexographic inks, renowned for their strong adhesion, vibrant colors, and suitability for high-speed printing. At DIC color and comfort, you'll find water-based, solvent-based, and UV Flexo inks, ensuring the perfect match for your printing needs. Trust DIC's commitment to precision and comfort for excellent results on packaging, labels, and flexible substrates.

Laminating adhesives
Lamination Adhesives

DIC India offers an extensive range of lamination adhesives that is ideal for all types of flexible packaging applications. We have an extensive range of high performance solvent-based and solvent-free lamination adhesives that offer excellent chemical and heat resistance with high bonding strength. For applications on lamination, metalized films, thermoformed chocolate packaging, polyethylene films, LDPE based / Transparent films lamination etc.

Speciality Inks
Speciality Inks

DIC Ink India is a leading printing ink manufacturer, providing an extensive range of specialty inks in vibrant colors and glossy/matte finishes. One of the best printing ink manufacturers in India, DIC offers high-quality options like Screen Ink, Industrial Ink, Metal Deco Ink, Print Varnish, and UV inks for printing on diverse surfaces such as textiles, paper, PVC, acrylic, metal cans, newspapers, and books.

DIC – The Leader in the World of Printing Inks

DIC India Limited is a renowned name in printing inks and is one of the leading ink manufacturers in India. With a history spanning several decades, DIC India has established itself as a trusted provider of high-quality printing inks, including liquid and colour inks. DIC India's extensive range of printing inks caters to a broad spectrum of industries, including packaging, publishing, commercial printing, and more. The company's liquid inks offer superior print quality, excellent adhesion, and enhanced durability, making them ideal for various substrates.

DIC Printing Ink: Search by Application

DIC Inks: Search by Industry

Book Printing

From printing distinctive images, clear text with high clarity suitable for various applications of books, leaflets, catalogues, etc. DIC India’s inks have solutions for all printing services.


From news print at high speed or glossy print to economical slow speed printing with high ink mileage, DIC India’s have solutions for all news printing services.


From printing on Alu Alu, blister packs, flexibles for sachets, labels for bottles, DIC India’s inks have solutions for all printing and packaging services.


From printing on mono cartons, shelf cartons, flexible packs, foil wraps to re-sealable pouches, DIC India’s inks have solutions for all printing and packaging services.

Personal Care & Homecare

From printing on mono cartons, shelf cartons, flexible packs, foil wraps, labels, shrink labels. DIC India’s inks have solutions for all printing and packaging services.

White Goods

From printing on corrugated boxes for your appliances, laminated boxes. DIC India’s inks have solutions for all printing and packaging services.

Lifestyle Magazine

From printing the glossy pages of your favourite magazine, to your coffee table book. DIC India’s inks have solutions for all printing and packaging services.

Marketing Brochure, PoP material

From printing the dangler, poster, tent cards for your marketing position. DIC India’s inks have solutions for all printing and packaging services.

DIC India Is also Beyond Inks – Into Adhesives & Commitment to Sustainability

Besides these inks mentioned above, DIC chemical company also provides Lamination Adhesives suitable for diverse, flexible packaging applications. The adhesives are categorised into two broad types: solvent-based and solvent-free. This ensures that customers can find the right adhesive solution that meets their specific requirements for lamination purposes.

DIC ink company has consistently demonstrated its commitment to innovation and excellence. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology, enabling the production of inks that meet the diverse needs of various printing applications.

DIC India's commitment to sustainability is evident in our focus on eco-friendly and safe ink formulations. We adhere to stringent quality control measures to ensure our products comply with global standards and regulations.

Our Employess Speak

DIC attributes its rich success history to its exemplary family. It is our cherished employees whose drive, innovation, creative genius, and dedication have made DIC a supplier-of-choice in the Indian printing and packaging market. With the right mix of experienced professionals and young talent, DIC is determined to continue its rich legacy for years to come. Our goal is to make our employees feel as loved and taken care of as our customers, and that is what life at DIC is all about!

I have been associated with this company for almost close to 4 Years now.  The work culture here is one among the best, this concept is seen within the greater framework of a Team, where group of individuals work towards a common goal. 

The organization’s business, its objectives, and how it will reach these objectives are clearly defined from the LEADERS, that’s make each employee work, with zeal & enthusiasm. 

I highly recommend & honored to be associated with such great ORGANIZATION.

They say every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow – and I have certainly had many learning experiences in DIC!
DIC believes that employees are its most valuable assets and as such there is a strong focus on developing future leaders and specialists.
DIC encourages its employees to work in cross functional groups which fosters team spirit and creates a warm and positive work environment.

Rahul Badgujar
Nandana Chakrabarti

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