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Gravure Inks
Gravure Inks

DIC India offers superior quality, high performance gravure printing inks that are suitable for a wide range of substrates such as cellophane, BOPP, PET, PP Extrusion laminate, foil packs along with special coatings to name a few. Our gravure printing inks are known for brilliant colour reproduction and stable press performance, thereby providing the essential quality features required for different types of packaging needs.

News Inks
News Inks

DIC India offers superior quality, high performance high-speed news ink and high-speed UV news ink along with cost effective slow-speed news ink for newspaper printing. You can use the high-speed ink for high-speed news printing, and high-speed UV news ink works wonders for high gloss effect and you can use slow-speed news ink for low to standard quality news-papers and book printing.

Offset Inks
Offset Inks

DIC India offers superior quality, high performance offset inks for packaging solutions like mono cartons, rigid cartons, etc and commercial offset inks for books, magazines, marketing material like POP etc. Starting from conventional oil based inks, UV inks to OP Varnish and Coatings, we provide offset inks that optimize the operational efficiency of the printers as well as meet your quality requirements.

Flexographic Inks
Flexographic Inks

DIC India offers superior quality, high performance solvent-based, water-based and UV curable flexographic inks for laminating pouches, beverage containers, paper tickets, pharma drugs, liquor items, oil pouches, liquid milk pouches our inks offers the perfect color every single time. Weather you need solution for surface printing or reverse printing we have you covered for substrate like BOPP, LDPE, PET to name a few.

Lamination Adhesives
Lamination Adhesives

DIC India offers an extensive range of lamination adhesives that is ideal for all types of flexible packaging applications. We have an extensive range of high performance solvent-based and solvent-free lamination adhesives that offer excellent chemical and heat resistance with high bonding strength. For applications on lamination, metalized films, thermoformed chocolate packaging, polyethylene films, LDPE based / Transparent films lamination etc.

Speciality Inks
Speciality Inks

DIC India’s range of speciality inks consist of a wide selection of bright colours that are available both in gloss and matte finish. Be it Screen Ink, Industrial Ink, Metal Deco ink to print finish or our range of UV inks which are ideal for printing on textile, paper, soft and rigid PVC and acrylic, metal cans, newspapers, books to name a few.

Search by Industry

Book Printing

From printing distinctive images, clear text with high clarity suitable for various applications of books, leaflets, catalogues, etc. DIC India’s inks have solutions for all printing services.


From news print at high speed or glossy print to economical slow speed printing with high ink mileage, DIC India’s have solutions for all news printing services.


From printing on Alu Alu, blister packs, flexibles for sachets, labels for bottles, DIC India’s inks have solutions for all printing and packaging services.


From printing on mono cartons, shelf cartons, flexible packs, foil wraps to re-sealable pouches, DIC India’s inks have solutions for all printing and packaging services.

Personal Care & Homecare

From printing on mono cartons, shelf cartons, flexible packs, foil wraps, labels, shrink labels. DIC India’s inks have solutions for all printing and packaging services.

White Goods

From printing on corrugated boxes for your appliances, laminated boxes. DIC India’s inks have solutions for all printing and packaging services.

Lifestyle Magazine

From printing the glossy pages of your favourite magazine, to your coffee table book. DIC India’s inks have solutions for all printing and packaging services.

Marketing Brochure, PoP material

From printing the dangler, poster, tent cards for your marketing position. DIC India’s inks have solutions for all printing and packaging services.

DIC India edifies customers about the ban of toluene based inks for food packaging


DIC India, a global leader in printing technology and allied solutions, has taken a step further in raising the awareness of customers across Indian subcontinent about the recent toluene ban announced by The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for food packaging. By leveraging its unique digital program, DIC Konnect, the company is seamlessly reaching out to its customers and helping them to adopt new methods of printing.

Due to an increase in packaged food consumption, awareness and demand for quality products, India has seen a rise in sustainable packaging in the food and beverage industry. Thus, in a move towards ensuring a safe packaging environment in the country, BIS recently prohibited the use of toluene-based inks for food packaging applications under a revision of its IS15495 regulation. The need for revision came into existence due to the various harmful effects the chemical on human body and environment.

As per the new regulation, BIS has also laid down other standard guidelines for printing inks for use on food packaging for printers and converters. Furthermore, since the food industry mainly uses printing inks for external packaging, immediate food wrapping, as a printed wrapper or insert and disposables, BIS has defined certain norms under each of these categories.

To create mindshare regarding the BIS toluene ban and aid the customers in meeting the regulation norms, DIC India leveraged its digital initiative called DIC Konnect. Under the DIC Konnect program, a series of webinars were organized with the customers with an aim to guide them about the best industry practices to restart their printing process post the lockdown, address their concerns as well as demonstrate DIC India’s product portfolio. Throughout India’s Unlock Phase 1, 2 and 3, the company was maintaining a close proximity with the customers via this platform and has been constantly supporting them.

“BIS toluene ban is a commendable step taken by the regulatory body to steer the industry into a more sustainable and safe packaging direction. Since our customers have always been at the core of our strategy, we wanted to ensure that they are well-align with the new government regulation. Thus, following the lockdown norms, we decided to bank upon DIC Konnect initiative, our one-of-a-kind virtual engagement strategy, wherein we hosted webinars with our customers and edified them about the toluene ban, preparing them to gain a competitive edge in their future,” said Manish Bhatia, managing director and CEO, DIC India.

“He further added that DIC India has been at the forefront of bringing in innovative and advanced printing ink and allied products to the industry. Moreover, over the years, we have developed a robust portfolio of non-toluene ink products that will benefit our partners in making necessary adjustments in their machinery with ease.”

DIC India offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions ranging from publishing inks to inks and adhesives for packaging. Moreover, the company has been delivering toluene free ink portfolio in India for more than a decade. Some of the cutting edge non- toluene solutions offered by the company are namely Smart KF, a solvent based gravure lamination ink system intended for high-end printing applications; Ultralam NT, a toluene free general purpose ink etc.

Our Employess Speak

DIC attributes its rich success history to its exemplary family. It is our cherished employees whose drive, innovation, creative genius, and dedication have made DIC a supplier-of-choice in the Indian printing and packaging market. With the right mix of experienced professionals and young talent, DIC is determined to continue its rich legacy for years to come. Our goal is to make our employees feel as loved and taken care of as our customers, and that is what life at DIC is all about!

I have been with DIC India (Part of DIC Corporation - a Global Leader in Printing Ink) almost 5 years now.
As a member of the team, I received complete cooperation and support from all my colleagues all throughout.
One unique practice in DIC India is to engage all employees through “Vision & Mission”, wherein they can contribute to the larger goal of the organisation.
I rate DIC India very highly as an employer and am really looking forward to a rewarding career here.

DIC India is a point of confluence of knowledge and experience, with a vast portfolio of products and a proficient team of technical experts.
The Company believes in taking care of its employees through pro-employee schemes and policies. Colleagues are extremely supportive and the work environment is cordial. I am proud to be a part of the DIC Family!

They say every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow – and I have certainly had many learning experiences in DIC!
DIC believes that employees are its most valuable assets and as such there is a strong focus on developing future leaders and specialists.
DIC encourages its employees to work in cross functional groups which fosters team spirit and creates a warm and positive work environment.

Sandip Nandi
Soel Uddin
Nandana Chakrabarti


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