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DIC History


The Growth Story of DIC

Incepted on February 15, 1908 DIC Corporation has grown exponentially becoming a 768 billion company with 32 companies in Japan and 142 across the globe. DIC Corporation today has a strong global footprint with 174 group companies in 64 countries and territories.

DIC Corporation History

A look into the rich history of 110+ years

  • Corporation History
  • Product History
  • 1908

    Established as Kawamura Ink Manufactory

  • 1952

    Institutes joint venture with Reichhold Chemicals Inc., U.S.A

  • 1986

    Acquires graphic arts materials division of Sun Chemicals Corporation, U.S.A

  • 2008

    Changes company name to DIC Corporation

  • 2019

    Launches DIC111 medium-term management plan

  • 1915

    Commences production of offset printing inks

  • 1999

    Develops 100% soybean oil-based printing ink

  • 1980

    Begins production of Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) compounds

  • 1974

    Adopted Nematic LCs for use in LCD calculator manufactured by Sharp Corporation

  • 1952

    Enters the synthetic resin market

  • 1925

    Begins production of organic pigments

  • 2010

    Develops high brightness green pigment (G58) for use in color filters for LED televisions

DIC India History
Celebrating seven decades of steady growth in India.

DIC India Ltd. was founded in 1947. It was formerly known as Coates India Limited, the largest manufacturer of printing inks and allied materials. With Research and Development centers in Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and Noida, the company is proud of introducing revolutionary products and technologies in the market.

Leading the Indian Market

One of the largest companies in printing, publishing and packaging industry segment in India, DIC India has some of the renowned names from magazines, newspapers, printing and publishing domains as their esteemed clients.

Let’s take you through the journey of DIC in India over the course of seven decades.

  • 1937

    Maurice Coates, a London-based British Printing ink manufacturer had set up a small blending unit in Kolkata

  • 1947

    Incorporation of Coates of India Limited- World’s largest manufacturer of printing inks and allied materials

  • 1951

    Second Service Centre opened in Mumbai

  • 1958

    Third office opened in Chennai

  • 1961

    Factory with modern manufacturing facilities were set up in Kolkata

  • 1962

    Another set up established in Delhi

  • 1963

    Metal Coating production commenced in Mumbai

  • 1966

    Factory set up in Delhi for blending activity

  • 1972

    R& D Department inaugurated in Kolkata

  • 1977

    Company made its Maiden public issue of equity share worth Rs. 3.2 million

  • 1985

    The Kolkata factory witnessed a modernization programme that included installing highly efficient machines.

  • 1990

    Liquid Ink Manufacturing factory set up in Noida

  • 2001

    DIC Japan consolidates its investments under DIC Asia Pacific Pte Limited. Sun Chemical becomes the holding company

  • 2002

    Entire stake transferred from Sun Chemical to DIC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

  • 2004

    Company changed to DIC India Limited from 6th August

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