Flexographic Inks


Flexographic Ink

DIC India offers a complete range of on water based, solvent based and UV Flexo inks for the fast growing packaging and label industry. The portfolio comprises of products for:

GPL Lamination/surface grade inks – The inks offer a high strength, high speed advantage with excellent high fidelity reproductions. It can be used for surface and reverse printing

Pinnacle surface printing series - A series designed for the milk and oil pouches offers well designed resistance properties

High performance topcoats

High performance topcoats

  • Pressure sensitive labels
  • Shrink sleeves
  • IML
  • Tubes printing
  • Rotary silk screen
  • Self-adhesive labels

The unique technologies offer a great value to the convertors in terms of versatility, cost effectiveness, low inventories, inks recyclability and high productivity .The systems offer huge reduction of raw material components imparting a competitive edge to the printers. We also offer a host of general and special effects coatings, primers for decorative and performance functions.


Solvent Based Flexo Inks Product Range

Solvent Based Flexo Inks Product Range

GPL/ Unolam Inks: It is Highly pigmented and low viscosity Inks with high Transparency and Excellent gloss. It has Good printability and tonal reproduction at higher printing speeds.

SunEster Inks: SunEster is specifically designed for PE-extrusion lamination packaging products with excellent laminating bond strength – more than 100 gm / 15mm Stripe. Highly pigmented inks – Suitable for HD Printing with lower ink GSM, Finer Aniloxes can be used to achieve target color density.

Polytone & Polytone Plus Inks: Polytone & Polytone Plus Inks are specially formulated for Printing Outer Packaging Material (Treated LDPE) for Hygiene Products, mostly for big brands. Provides excellent Dot Reproduction with minimum Dot Gain – Suitable for HD Printing with lower ink GSM, Finer Aniloxes can be used to achieve target color density and color values.

Sigmafilm & Daiol Resist Inks: It has low odour high strength inks for surface printing on polyolefin films. Sigmafilm Inks are exclusively formulated with high Mol. wt. non-migrating resins. It has good heat resistance (180C, 2.5bar, ½ sec., Treated film, under standard lab conditions) with good scuff resistance & slip properties.

Pinnacle, Pinnacle Plus & Corona Hitone Inks: It is a range of moderate HR inks with good product resistance for printing on numerous polyolefin films. It has high strength inks with high transparency and excellent gloss. It has good printability and tonal reproduction at higher printing speeds along with resistance towards water, milk, fat and oils (opv required). It is one of best black in the Indian Flexo Market is Corona Hi-Tone Black, in terms of jetness and density.


Water Based Flexo Inks Product Range

Water Based Flexo Inks Product Range

Corroflex Inks: It is the range of water based high strength Flexo inks, specifically designed for printing on a variety of Bleached or Natural Kraft Liners & Papers, Recycled Papers, Solid Fiber-boards etc. It has good printability for both line and tone printing (dependent on the type and quality of the substrate getting printed). After fully dried, the print will be water bleed resistant, deep freeze resistant.

Aquafine Inks: It is a Common product for Paper & Films (High gloss, Excellent Adhesion and Balanced tack properties). It is free from free from heavy metals and banned Chemicals. Aquafine follows Swiss ordinance along with having excellent alcohol and water resistance with WB & UV OPV. It also has very high strength and having excellent rheology

Aseptic packaging: Water based, complete range of aseptic packaging inks for the beverages sector

Neptune PE Inks: This ink is designed for PE Coated Paper Cup Printing for food & beverage industries. This ink series is particularly suited for polyethylene-coated cups as well paper and board tableware and various other paper substrates where good water resistance and resistance to condiments used in fast food industry is require

Neptune Coffee Cup Inks: It is the range of water based Flexo inks, specifically designed for printing on a variety of coated and uncoated papers and boards and is particularly suited to provide a print surface with a high co-efficient of friction for the fabrication of hot and cold beverages on coated and uncoated papers and boards.

AquaLam SunStrato™: It is a range of water based ink for printing on treated and coated films for subsequent lamination. It has good printability while providing good flexibility and adhesion on a range of treated and coated films. It is suitable for subsequent lamination and along with providing stable viscosity on press and has low foaming. It is in most cases has fast drying.

AquaThene SunSpectro™: It is a range of water based flexo inks for printing on treated polyethylene films and polycoated board. It has good printability while providing good flexibility and adhesion to a range of treated PE surfaces It display a level of resistance in keeping with appropriate end use requirements along with providing stable viscosity on press and has low foaming. It is in most cases has fast drying.

UV Cureable Inks: UV SNT ink which is latest technology of Sun Chemical. It is Free from banned photo-initiators. It has better Rheology in all colors and has Wide color gamut


Flexo ink spray shades

Special Coatings

SunSpectro Matt Finisher: It provides velvety touch / feelings after application. It is available in Matt lacquer for over printing on Treated Bare or Printed LDPE, OPP & PET

Imported 2K OPVs: It has excellent printability along with being chlorine free, it has long pot life. It can be applied over treated PE, Coextruded OPP (plain corona treated), CC PET, Corona treated PA (Nylon) etc.

Corrugation packaging : Complete range of preprint and post print Corroflex ink system with proven technologies of Group companies in Europe.

Label printing : The new UV Flexo range of products caters to the following segments of narrow web industry:

Flexographic Printing Presses required a unique press setup before producing the colourful printed jobs. The process involved mounting the plates on the plate cylinder and pouring the inks in the Ink-ducts; since Flexo printing is a direct transfer process of transferring the image on the substrate, which requires the ink properties to be unique and fast-drying, Being one of the Oldest flexographic ink manufacturers in the country and having a broad channel of flexographic ink suppliers in the country, we are proud to share that we have a boutique of water-based flexographic ink formulation to develop the water-based ink for flexo printing. Flexo water-based inks are in High Demand Due to their sustainable nature. And now, we can proudly say we are one of the coveted water-based flexo ink manufacturers. Solvent-based flexographic ink also holds its own value for being on the economic side during the purchase. Flexo printing has a predominant presence in short-run printing jobs, and we have an in-depth understanding of the need for printers and converters. Our product portfolio in flexographic printing ink offerings, both Water-based Ink and Solvent-Based Ink, make us one of the finest flexographic printing ink manufacturers in the country.The water based inks for flexographic printing can make your label printing application sustainable by adding its chemical-free composition USP. Water based Flexo inks contain almost 80% water as Base liquid material during the manufacturing of the water-based flexo printing ink.Be it a Narrow-web Flexo Printer, Brand owner of the Ink supplier, and We suggest you switch to the Water Based flexo inks for the Better ROI & Greener Future to achieve the sustainability goals. Our brand DaiOl is a specialised ink for Dairy and Oil resistance printing jobs in flexographic printing.

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