Offset Inks


Offset Printing Inks

Experience Unique Brightness and Gloss with DIC India’s Offset Printing Inks.

Extraordinary gloss and robust lithographic properties make DIC India’s offset printing inks the perfect companion for modern offset presses used in commercial printing. A leading offset printing ink manufacturer in India, DIC offers a wide range of offset inks for printer convertors, a print buyers, and brand owners.

Inks used for offset printing

Offset commercial Ink

Sheetfed offset inks offer a premium quality gloss finish at low cost, using high-speed inks with faster drying time. These are ideal for printing items such as books, posters, catalogs, brochures, calendars, art books, danglers, lifestyle magazines, and movie posters.

Our sheetfed offset inks offer a vibrant color gamut with a broad color reproduction range and outstanding dot sharpness. Free of cobalt-based drying catalysts, our variants can also be deployed in adverse press conditions such as in high temperatures.


  • Wakimizu
  • Values G
  • Geos G
  • Geos G Select
  • SynerG HP
  • Magnum Plus Select
  • SynerG EX Plus
  • Eurostar Select
  • LT Spectro
  • Oasis Select
  • Eurostar
  • SF-G
  • PURRAB Star
  • Plustick

Sheetfed offset printing ink

Offset Packaging Ink

DIC brings you a superb range of offset packaging ink that provides unmatched print quality with excellent gloss and robust lithographic properties. Our range is ideal for printing solutions like mono cartons, rigid boxes, chewing tobacco, crockery boxes, footwear boxes, tiles, crockery, fruits, footwear, and food packaging cartons.


  • Genxer
  • Genxer-MO Free
  • Eurostar
  • LT Spectro
  • LT Spectro MO Free
  • SF-G

Offset Packaging Ink

Food Safe and Low Migration Solutions

DIC India offers food-safe and low-migration solutions for food, cosmetics, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and tobacco packaging. These inks have a low impact on the odor and taint of the foodstuff. They also comprise a low formation of hexanol and other odorous by-products. They are mineral-oil-free, drier-free, and don’t dry by oxidation.


  • Sun Pak FSP & Sun Pak FSP Metallic
  • SunCure 14LM159: LM UV OPV
  • SunLit Exact PSO (higher segment) & Sunlit Diamond (general segment)
  • MSB Base Colors
  • Sun Cure FLM
  • Sun Coat LMQ
  • SunCure®14LM159: LM UV OPV

Food Safe & Low Migration Solutions

UV Offset Inks

DIC has a range of UV white inks for offset printing with features like high opacity, no pinholes, no deposition on plate or blanket, and fast curing @14000 mph.


  • UVC 3000
  • UVC 4000
  • UVC 6000

UV Offset Inks


DIC India, the leading offset ink manufacturer, offers packaging base colors and concentrates, available in both light fast and non-light fast versions.


  • Colorplus Concentrates
  • Metallic Gold & Silver
  • Fluorescent Inks



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