DIC has established centralized Manufacturing locations supported by local specialized production capability plants to provide the most effective service to its customers.

As a part of DIC Corporation of Japan, DIC India is one of the oldest ink manufacturing companies in India that offers solutions that address issues of packaging and printing. We are India’s leading supplier of printing inks, laminating adhesives, innovative packaging solutions, and other allied products serving top-of-the-line newspapers, magazines, conversion agents, and both national and international printing and packaging establishments. We are among the fewest offset printing ink manufacturers in India, having multiple production locations throughout the country.
DIC India Limited is one of the Largest printing inks manufacturers in India and also Lead the chart for top ink manufacturing companies in India while having the four ink manufacturing plants in India, which allow us to cater for the Pan India Customers with sheer focus, Dedication and Excellent Supply chain.
Dic India Limited Halts your search for top ink manufacturers in India by providing end-to-end solutions for the offset, Gravure, flexography Printing Industry. Our state of the art Production units manufactures Printing inks and chemicals on Global and National standards to meet the Ever-Growing customer demands.

To find the nearest DIC Inks source near you, contact us by sending the email for printing ink suppliers near me.

The BIS Standard IS 15495:2020 & Environmental Regulations has emphasised the need for eco friendly inks for printing & Packaging. Our Water-Based Ink for Offset Printing and Toluene free inks for rotogravure printing or liquid as they are commonly known in the printing industry has been contributing to this cause.
The Brand owners, End users, Converters and printing ink manufacturing companies in India need to do their part to make it a big success.

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