About Us

About Us

As a part of DIC Corporation of Japan, DIC India offers solutions that address issues of packaging and printing. We are India’s leading supplier of printing inks, laminating adhesives, innovative packaging solutions, and other allied products serving top-of-the-line newspapers, magazines, conversion agents, and both national and international printing and packaging establishments.

Known as COATES OF INDIA LIMITED at the time of its inception, DIC India came into existence on April 2nd, 1947. Nearly 71.75% of the company’s shareholding belongs to DIC Japan through DIC Asia Pacific Ltd. Singapore. What started out with a single service centre in Kolkata has today evolved into a number of factories and logistics centres strategically placed all across the country.

DIC India takes immense pride in its commitment to innovative design, quality control, and structural engineering – factors responsible for making it India’s printing and packaging supplier-of-choice. Our research experts located in DIC India’s R & D centres at Kolkata and Noida, a member of DIC Group’s international R & D network, pay utmost attention to the innovation of new products and improvement of existing ones for pan Asia-Pacific markets.

DIC India’s pillars are its expert team of creative designers and engineers who specialise in manufacturing custom-made packaging solutions that stand out on the shelf. Our solutions are versatile, cost-effective and fast, ensuring that our clients receive their orders on time, every single time.

DIC India Limited has a Broad Network of printing ink suppliers Throughout the Country; our Suppliers & Distributors work very closely with the Printing Presses and convertors to guide the production and printing team for the best possible Printing Quality and cost optimization through our Printing inks. We have a well-spread distribution network that covers the length & breadth of the country for our range of offset ink suppliers and gravure ink suppliers as well for the betterment of Product Understanding & On-site Products Demo.
Though there are multiple ink manufacturing companies and printing ink companies available in India, what makes DIC India Limited Leader in the Printing ink industry is its consistent Quality & Support to the User. Consistent Guidance and Training camps every year for the sake of Increasing the knowledge base to the user of our Printing inks.
Our printing press ink supplies Ranges from the Pressroom chemicals and printing press chemicals for the offset industry, gravure industry, flexography industry etc. to the well-known Printing inks as well. Our Range also consists Of Over Print varnishes and coatings.




about us
Our Vision

Colour and Comfort by Chemistry

We improve the human condition by safely bringing color and comfort into people’s lives.

Our Mission

We create enhanced value and utilize innovation to introduce socially responsible and sustainable products.​

Core Values

Enterprising: Lead with a passion for excellence that is evident in the solution-focused actions taken each to drive value through innovation.​

Integrity: Be honest, forthright and ethical in all dealings with customers, suppliers and coworkers.

Dedication & Loyalty: Take responsibility for performance in the office, laboratory and factory by demonstrating commitment to customers, suppliers and coworkers.​

Diversity: Respect other viewpoint and work collaboratively while valuing collective goals over personal interests to achieve excellence; foster communication and cooperation with people from all backgrounds.

Social Responsibility: Go beyond compliance to promote products and activities that achieve socially responsible and sustainable development that protect the environment.

A Glimpse into Last 70+ Years of DIC India

DIC India has established itself to be a part of one of the world’s largest manufacturer of printing inks and allied material. Here’s a glimpse of where we stand today.




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Why Choose Us
Expertise in color for your comfort
Expertise in color for your comfort

We bring our expertise in inks to bring to you the safe, sustainable products with best in class efficiency along with the latest technology.

Meeting Regulatory requirement
Meeting Regulatory requirement

We manufacture inks to meet all the regulatory requirement be it the food safe inks, toluene free inks, VOC free inks.


At DIC India, we ensure that the ink that we formulate would meet your performance need every time with outmost consistency and provide the perfect print every time.

Global presence
Global Presence

With extensive global network of 174 subsidiaries and affiliates in 64 countries and territories, DIC has made it presence in emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe, South America as well as the Middle East.

Expertise in color for your comfort
Technical Support

We know that to achieve a high degree of packaging functionality requires quality printing inks. We work with you to develop custom ink to match your requirements.

Meeting Regulatory requirement
Research & Development

Research & development is at the core of our endeavour to provide product with value and consistency meeting all the requirement of the industry and our customers.

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