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Speciality Inks

Speciality Inks

Screen Ink

DIC India’s range of speciality inks consists of a wide selection of bright colours that are available both in gloss and matte finish. Be it Screen Ink, Industrial Ink, Metal Deco ink, Print Varnish to print finish or our range of UV inks which are ideal for printing on textile, paper, soft and rigid PVC and acrylic, metal cans, newspapers, books to name a few.

Screen Ink

The screen inks also offer excellent balance between screen stability and rapid drying. The range of screen inks provided by DIC has been listed below:

Comat: A paper matte ink, Comat is suitable for display work, greeting cards and many other similar applications. The ink is ideal for jobs that need a smooth finish, texture and text clarity.

Silchrome: A paper gloss ink, Silchrome provides a glossy finish and improves the colour brilliance. The screen ink is suitable for printing on eye-catching display work and greetings cards

Vynilon: A superior quality PVC Matt ink, Vynilon is suitable for display jobs. The ink is ideal for jobs that require an excellent matte finish and non-reflective effect.

Vynigloss: Vynigloss is an excellent quality and fast drying and PVC Gloss ink. This variant of screen ink is highly suitable for printing on stickers, displays items and banners.

Industrial Ink

The industrial inks also offer excellent printing for LDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC along with rapid drying. The range of industrial inks provided by DIC has been listed below:

Polyfast: Suitable for printing on treated LDPE, HDPE and PP having proper surface treatment. The ink has resistance to wide range of detergents, bleaches, motor oil, vanaspati, ghee and similar products.

Vynalite: Vynalite is suitable for printing on a wide range of PVC (both rigid and flexible), acrylic, polycarbonate and other plastic materials for stickers and glow signs. The ink provides good outdoor durability, alcohol and petrol resistance.

Metal deco Ink

Metal Deco Ink

DIC India offers a wide range of metal decorating inks for offset process printing on general cans, beverage cans, food cans and tubes for packaging of food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

The inks are fast drying, gives good gloss, good thermal stability, excellent adhesion, high scratch resistance and good print finish.

DIC India also brings the complete range of Metal Decorative Inks from Sun Chemicals. These Inks are made with the most advanced technology in Sun Chemical’s plants in Europe and cover the entire gamut of printing - conventional, UV, special effects and brand protection

Print Finish

DIC India offers Radicure, a range of UV Varnish that produces excellent complemented with a smooth finish on PVC, paper, board and Lamitude. The varnish is suitable for coater, screen, offset and flexo applications, and can be applied off-line and in-line. A glimpse of some of the UV Varnish solutions DIC offers:

UV Varnish

  • OPV-BP & ITX free, OPV-Anti blocking and OPV-Transport resistant varnish for mono cartons and liner cartons. These are recommended for rigid boxes and food packaging cartons as per FSSAI guidelines
  • OPV Double Coater Varnish is used on cartons and is applied through a double coater M/C.
  • OPV-PVC Profile varnish for PVC profile application.
  • UV Duct Varnish that is applied through ink duct on pharmaceutical and Mono cartons.

UV Offset Inks

DIC has a range of UV white with the below mentioned uniqueness with YUV 2130/M is one of the industry benchmark.

  • High opacity.
  • No pinholes.
  • No deposition on plate or blanket.
  • Fast curing @ 14000 mph.

DIC India has the range of Radicure UVC 3000 series, UVC 4000 series & UVC 6000 series. The UVC 6000 series being eco-friendly Soya based ink for paper & board, UVC 4000 series has vibrant color along with low odour. Hence it is suitable for small unventilated press. The UVC 6000 series has process color & Spot color available. The UVC 3000 series has high productivity, along with being economical but has only Process Color available

High Speed UV News Inks

The high speed UV ink by DIC India is known for its high productivity, curing speed and printing speed. The high speed UV inks by DIC India don’t have the common industry problem of scratch mark despite of the heavy coverage. The gloss effect is best in the industry. The list of high-speed UV ink is mentioned below:

High-speed ink for Colorman: The high-speed ink has been designed for high speed newspaper printing and also gives a high gloss effect. The ink is suitable for hand feed & pump feeding. It is ideal for machines which print at a speed of 65,000 to 80,000 copies per hour.

High-speed ink for TKS: The ink is specially designed for TKS machine only and gives a high gloss effect. The ink is suitable for pump feeding. It is ideal for machines which print at a speed of 65,000 to 80,000 copies per hour.

High-speed ink for Wifag: The ink has been specially designed to meet the needs of Wifag machine with overshot duct system only. The ink is suitable for pump feeding. It is ideal for machines which print at a speed of 65,000 to 80,000 copies per hour.

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