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Scumming (greasing)

Scumming (greasing)

Scumming (greasing)

Blanket is glazed

Remove the glaze or change blanket for better results

Blanket is over-packed or not tight

Ensure correct packing and re-torque the blanket before using

Dampening system is improperly maintained

Conduct proper maintenance, refer to DIC recomended procedures

Emulsification characteristics of the ink formulation are incorrect for fountain solution

Consult your DIC representative for further instructions

Fountain solution formulation is not correct for ink formulation

Consult your DIC representative for further instructions

Improper setting of dampening rollers. Ink or dampener rollers are set too tight

Check and reset the rollers for proper settings

Ink film is too heavy.

Consult your fountain solution supplier for solution

Ink is too soft and spreads over non-image, sensitizing it

Change to a stronger ink and/or consult your DIC representative

Ink rollers have the wrong durometer (too soft or too hard)

Check durometer setting and condition of ink rollers.

Plate is not properly sensitized.

Consult your pre-press department for next steps

Prolonged use of oily wash-up solutions has occurred

Change to fresh wash-up solution

For more information, please contact us.

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