Drying too slow ( slow drying)

If the Ink becomes over-emulsified/waterlogged, this changes the physical properties of the ink and results in poor transfer

Check that pH, conductivity, Brix level and tempera-ture are to specification and try to run less water

Inadequate or excessive blanket cylinder pressure and/or plate or blanket packing

Check blanket cylinder pressures and/or plate and blanket packing are all to manufacturer's specifica-tions

Ink film thickness may be too high or too low

Verify densities are in normal range

Ink is poorly ground

Please Check the grind, Consult your ink supplier

Ink roller train or ink fountain is too cool

Adjust form rollers to 72'-80"F (22"-26*C) and be sure ink fountain is 70'F (21.C) or above to ensure proper ink flow and transfer

Rollers are the wrong durometer or improperly set

Check roller settings, clean and condition / deglaze rollers

Verify whether the pilling is defective paper coating or ink

If defective paper coating, try a different batch of paper or lower the tack of the ink slightly if necessary

For more information, please contact us.

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