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Dried ink particles

Avoid ink skin when handling ink; cover exposed ink; clean press well and often; remove dried ink from fountain edges and roller ends.

Excessive dampening solution may lift coating

Adjust ink/water balance to reduce the dampning effect

Foreign particles are adhering to the plate or blanket

1. Check for contamination in ink and/or fountain solution and rollers for deterioration

2. Use scotch tape to remove hickey for examination. If pigment or ink skin, remove old ink from fountain and replenish with ink from a freshly opened can

3. If paper fibers, try a different run of paper or if necessary, gradually reduce the tack of ink

Foreign particles are adhering to the plate or blanket

Check for the contamination in ink and / or fountain solution or paper

Loose paper coatings or dust

Consult paper manufacturer to install vacuum sheet cleaner or to change stock.

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