Pumping problem Pumping problem

Pumping problem

Pumping problem

Air leakage from Pump or check Pump pressure

Check pump function , if any air leakage from pump inform to customer. (Input pressure 3.50 Mpa-S & Out put Pressure 10-15 Mpa)

Climatic variances - Summer ink supplied during Winter season

Based on climatic condition right inkis to be supplied , Adjust Ink room temperature within 25 deg to 30 Deg Cent)

Ink is too hard due to high viscosity & low Flow

Need to adjust Viscosity to be made suitable for pumping.

The pump function is not up to mark

Consider checking and re-calibrating the pump function

Silo to Ink pump - pipe length is more.

Reduce pipe length within 50 to 75 cm.

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