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Density variation at constant speed

Density variation at constant speed

Density Variation

Ink - Water curve not adjusted properly

Consider rechecking & adjust the curve with current ink with minimum water

Ink flow in the duct is uneven.

Agitate ink & check the evenness of ink film in the duct roller.

Ink Roller glazed & variances in ink transfer

Deglazed the rollers with good deglazer and try again

Ink roller is not set as per OEM

Check the ink rollers and set them as per OEM

Print with over emulsified ink

Clean the rollers & remove the old ink from duct and add fresh ink. Print start with minimum water value.

Water hardness is more than desired level

Check the pH , Conductivity & TDS of process water & adjust as per standard (PH- 6.5 to 7.5.Conductivity -280 to 450 & TDS- 140ppm to 220ppm) to maintain 8 Deg to 12 Deg German Hardness.

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