Weak Print Color Weak Print Color

Weak Print Color

Weak Print Color

Weak Print Color

Anilox volume is too low

Increase anilox to proper volumes

Ink formulation is too weak

Check raw ink formula for proper strength; check to see if ink is re-work and has proper strength

Ink is aged I used - worn ou

Refresh ink

Ink is drying in plate of anilox

Eliminate any excess air blowing on plates and anilox; add slower drying solvents

Ink is kicking-out or setting

Make sure ink is properly mixed, with no setting on bottom or signs of ink separation

Ink is over-extended

Check formula and add fresh ink

Sticky-back tape is too soft

Use harder tape for line work to achieve good ink transfer

Substrate is not receptive to ink

Check substrate surface; check for proper film tratment

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