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Dirty print- dot bridging

Dirty print- dot bridging

Dirty print- dot bridging

Anilox volume is too deep for dot size and an excessive amount

Reduce anilox volume or increase plate dot size

Ink film is too thick for plate screen

Reduce ink film thickness by lowering ink viscosity, increasing ink metering or decreasing anilox volume

Ink formula our of balance, affects film splitting/transfer

Check solvant blends for alcohol/ester balance. For clean printing, the rasin structures must have the correct solvants.

Ink is drying too fast

Add slower drying solvents, check ink formulations

Ink is flooding plate dots due to loose ink metering or worn doctor blades

Check and adjust ink metering, Check and replace doctor blade if indicated.

Ink is too tacky

Try using a harder resin

Plate impresion or plate relief is excessive

Reset plate impression, elminate high spots if bridging is localised

Stray air is blowing on plate or anilox

Block stray air, balance dryers to eliminate.

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