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Odour in the laminate

Odour in the laminate

Odour in the laminate

Higher treatment of PE films

Check polyethylene film for odour test before lamination

Residual odour in Printed Substrate

1. Check residual odour in the printer substrate by flask test (Odour test) before lamination

2. Check the solvent retention in the printed film by using head space analyser

Solvent retention in the laminate.

1. Check drying tunnel temperature

2. Check the Blower/Exhaust capacity

3. Ensure the line speed does not exceed the drying effeciency of the machine

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Meta Title Odour in Laminate, Adhesive Problem & Solution - DIC India Meta Description How to get rid of Odour/Smell in Laminate. Adhesive Problem & Solution from India’s Leading Ink supplier & manufacturer of printing & Packaging inks

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