Low bond strength Low bond strength

Low bond strength

Low bond strength

Low bond strength

Inadequate Nip Temperature & pressure

1. Set nip temp 45.C to 65*C depending upon type of substrate

2. Set appropriate nip pressure to avoid curling of laminate

Low adhesive deposit

1. Check gravure cylinder & re engrave if cells are choked

2. Check the application solids

Poor Surface Tension of Films

Olefinic film surface tension - min. 38 dynes/cm3

Solvent retention in the laminate

1. Check drying tunnel temperature

2. Check the Blower/Exhaust capacity

3. Ensure the line speed does not exceed the drying effeciency of the machine

Laminate is undercured

1. Use Urethane grade Solvent

2. MaintainpProper Adhesive and Hardner mixing ratio as per the recommendation

3. Check compatibility of the ink, coating and adhesive being used

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