Barrier Coating Barrier Coating

Barrier Coating Series

Improving the barrier properties of mono-material packaging

Barrier Coating Series

Improved Oxygen Barrier Properties

Barrier Coating
  • The barrier properties of the packaging material can be improved by applying a gravure coating.

Compatible with Existing Machining Processes

Barrier Coating
  • Can be coated with existing gravure printing equipment
  • New lineup of solvent-based coating in addition to water-based coating
  • Greatly improved workability

Improving the Aroma Retention of Packaging Materials

Barrier Coating
  • It can be expected to improve not only the oxygen barrier function but also the aroma retention of the packaging material.
  • It prevents the deterioration of the contents and keeps the fresh scent.

Mono-Material Structure Example Using Barrier Coating

Barrier Coating

Mono-Material Barrier Package Structure

  • Improved barrier properties can be expected in mono-material structure such as OPP/CPP structure and OPE/LLDPE structure.
  • Since it is a solvent-based coating that can be applied by gravure, it has good workability on site.

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