Plate wear Plate wear

Plate wear

Plate wear


Blanket is over packed or lose

check the packing or blanket tension, Set to manufacturer's specifications

Faulty or improperly set ink or dampening rollers are wearing plates.

Check rollers for condition and settings

Foreign particles are entering ink train

Check materials such as paper, ink and wash-up solution. Check overhead structure for foreign materials that may be dropping onto press

Fountain solution is poorly balanced or improperly formulated

Check pH and conductivity of fountain solution. Consult your fountain solution representative

Ink is not properly formulated

Consult your DIC representative for further instructions

Paper is depositing filler, coating or lint on the blanket, affecting plates.

Use a more lubricated ink, Review dampening setting, Check pH and conductivity. Discuss alternatives with your paper supplier. Consult your DIC representative.

Plate cleaners or scratch removers have not been completely rinsed from the plate.

Avoid using excessive amounts of plate cleaner or scratch remover. Rinse plates thoroughly afterwards. Be sure all water, sponges, rags, etc., that come in contact with the plate are clean. Do not let cleaners dry on plate!

Plate has been improperly prepared

Review procedures for plate-making process

Surfactant has contaminated the dampening system.

Make sure all parts of the dampening system that come in contact with detergent are rinsed before being reinstalled on the press. Control the use of blanket and press washes, and plate cleaners.

Vanishing dot occurs in image are due to a non-image area build on the plate and blanket surrounding the dot.

Use a more lubricated ink. Increase blanket washing interval. Consult your fountain solution representative.

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