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DIC India comes forward to help the community in line with the United Nations’ social development goals with “Deeksha '' and “Disha'' programs.

DIC India comes forward to help the community in line with the United Nations’ social development goals with “Deeksha '' and “Disha'' programs.

Embodying the spirit of coming together to rise together, DIC India is proud to roll out two flagship programs to enrich the lives of families of Sayakha village in Bharuch, Gujrat with better education opportunities and skill development to get better-paying jobs for the women of the community.

The “Deeksha” program for girl education is being implemented to further the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations focusing on Quality Education, Gender Equality, and Decent Work and Economic Growth. We at DIC India envisage to help in girl child education and nurture a better community around our upcoming mother plant in Bharuch. This shall not only improve the education level of girls but also improve on quality employable manpower in the near future. 


Deeksha Program

On similar lines of United Nation Sustainable goals, DIC India also launched “Disha”. In line with the National Skill Development Council’s curriculum to upskill women from marginalized communities, our “Disha” program will help women learn computer skills which shall in turn help them to be job-ready and provide women quality opportunities with the Computer Skill Development course.

As we race ahead to help our partners with innovation in printing inks in every nook and corner of the country, DIC India is establishing a new master plant at Bharuch, Gujarat. 

Under the “Deeksha” and “Disha” programs, girls and women from underprivileged families have been brought under our wings to be guided and groomed for a successful future with quality education and thorough hands-on vocational training. 



Through the “Deeksha” program DIC India has ensured that quality education will be imparted to the future stars with interactive learning modules. Under our “Disha” program we have pledged to support women with limited means with an NSDC approved computer vocational skill development program. All girls being educated under the “Deeksha” program will be provided with free books & course material for a quality sustainable education in line with New Education Policy 2020.

Our programs of Deeksha and Disha are been executed by our experienced NGO partner Jeevan Tirth who expertises in execution of United Nations sustainable goals. 

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